Comprehensive List of Apple Watch Faces and Complication Families

While I was working on a side project, I needed to know which Apple Watch Face includes which complication families. A quick search provided me this Apple guidance. But is is not comprehensive and does not have the detail I would like. Therefore, I decided to generate my own version.

The table I put in here has basically four columns. First one is the name of the watch face. The number of complication locations is presented as the second column. The third one breaks down the total number into individual complication families. Here, the abbreviations stand for

  • MS: Modular Small
  • ML: Modular Large
  • US: Utilitarian Small-Utilitarian Small Flat
  • UL: Utilitarian Large
  • CS: Circular Small
  • XL: Extra Large

As the last one, I have added some notes, which state whether there are extra and probably unchangeable complications.

Utility 3 2US, 1UL
  • One extra for date
Simple 4 4US
  • One extra for date
Chronograph 3 3US
  • One extra for date
  • Extra stopwatch is free
Modular 5 4MS, 1ML
Activity Analogue 3 2CS, 1UL
  • Activity is free
  • Date is free
Activity Digital 3 2CS, 1UL
  • Activity is free
Colour 4 4CS
  • One extra for monogram
Mickey & Minnie 3 2US, 1UL
Numerals 1 1US
Motion 2 1US, 1UL
Timelapse 2 1US, 1UL
Photo Album 2 1US, 1UL
Photo 2 1US, 1UL
X-Large 1 1XL

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